Equator Prize 2017 - FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions

1- How do I find out if my community initiative or project is eligible for the Equator Prize?

To be eligible for the Equator Prize, local community initiatives or projects must be located within a country receiving support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), excluding countries with a high level of development. Indigenous peoples’ communities and initiatives from any country may nominate. Click here for a list of eligible countries and for additional eligibility requirements.

2- How can I nominate a community initiative or project?

You can submit nominations by visiting http://prize.equatorinitiative.org

The system will guide you through the nomination process. Everything you enter will be automatically saved. If you lose internet connectivity, you can recover your information by logging into your account again, using the same device and browser as you did before you lost connection.

If you would like to submit nominations for more than one organization, you can do so by finishing and submitting the first nomination. You will then be able to access the system again for a second and subsequent nominations.

3- What languages is the nomination form available in?

The nomination form is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. For your reference, PDF copies of the nomination form in languages can be downloaded here; however, please use the online system to submit nominations.If you have major problems with the online form, please contact us for an alternative option.

Arabic [PDF]                Indonesian [PDF]

Chinese [PDF]             Portuguese [PDF]

English [PDF]              Russian [PDF]

French [PDF]               Spanish [PDF]

4- What are the selection criteria for the awards?

Click here to view a complete list of Equator Prize 2017 selection criteria

5- How long does it take to complete the nomination form?

The nomination form should take approximately one hour to complete, depending on the length of answers given.

6- What will Equator Prize winners receive?

Each winning community will receive USD 10,000 and will be invited to participate in a series of policy dialogues and special events during the United Nations General Assembly in New York in September 2017, culminating in an award ceremony at the beginning of Climate Week.

Beyond the monetary award, the Equator Prize is aimed to validate and raise the profile of its recipients both domestically and internationally as a model for sustainable development.

7- What kinds of groups are eligible?

  • Nominations may be submitted for:
  • Community-based associations or organizations
  • Community-based enterprises and cooperatives
  • Women's associations or organizations
  • Indigenous or ethnic minority groups or associations
  • Youth groups or associations
  • Non-governmental organizations

Winning initiatives will have improved community wellbeing and local livelihoods through sustainable natural resource management and/or environmental conservation of land-based and/or marine resources.

8- What do I need to address in the nomination?

The nomination must answer a number of questions concerning the project's description and impacts, as well as results in cross-cutting issues. In addition, each nomination identifies between one and four actions or solutions that the initiative has implemented. To view all questions, please download the nomination form above. Please submit nominations through the online system.

If you are looking to better communicate the strengths of a given project and to improve the quality of a nomination, you may find it useful to browse the resources available on the Equator Initiative website. It is advisable to tailor the nomination answers to address the selection criteria and eligibility requirements. Please also browse profiles of past Equator Prize winners - which include videos and detailed case studies - to get a sense of what a winning initiative may look like. The Equator Initiative welcomes the application of any communities and projects that may be competitive, including those who previously applied but were unsuccessful.

9- What types of documents/images should I upload?

Examples of documents that will be useful in the selection process are project reports, monitoring and evaluation reports, annual reports, academic studies, etc. Images that capture the community initiative in action are also welcome.

10- What if I have trouble uploading documents and/or images at the end of the Questions section? 

If you have trouble uploading documents or images, email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

11- How many documents and images am I allowed to submit?

You may submit one (1) document and up to two (2) photos per solution. You will be asked to upload the document at the end of the section “Nominated Initiative” documents and pictures in the “Solutions” section of the nomination form.

12- What if I suddenly lose internet connection or I accidentally close the nomination window in the middle of completing my form?

Once you start the nomination form, everything you enter will automatically be saved. If you close the window or lose internet connectivity, you can go back to the online nomination form and continue where you left off. Please make sure you are using the same device and browser as you did before you lost connection.

13- How do I fill out the Partner Organizations section of the form?

In the Partner Organizations section you will be asked to provide contact information for all partner organizations (typically, NGOs or agencies that have provided project support to the nominated initiative). After you have filled out the Partner Organizations section, it is advisable to mention the relationship between the nominated initiative and each partner organization in the Solutions section.

14- Will Equator Initiative staff review my nomination materials prior to submission?

Equator Initiative staff are available to answer questions on a nomination prior to its final submission, and will take reasonable steps to guide nominators through the process. Please be advised that the selection of Equator Prize winners is carried out though an independent Technical Advisory Committee.

15- How do I submit my nomination form?

Once you have filled out all of the required sections, you will arrive at the final page of the nomination form. In order to submit, accept the terms and conditions and decide whether you would like to take part in the web portal of local nature-based solutions to sustainable development. Please then click the Submit Nomination at the bottom of the page.